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Breakaway Dems donate mystery $150K – The Insider Blog | Crain’s New York Business

Things that make you go hmmmmm….

[A] mysterious $150,000 donation by the IDC’s so-called super PAC—recently made to another outside group, run by the League of Conservation Voters—raises questions about whether the IDC is actually quietly trying to help get a Republican in Western New York elected over a Democrat.

Breakaway Dems donate mystery $150K – The Insider Blog | Crain’s New York Business.


Ladder 1 Musings

Kudos to Mayor Sheehan for today’s news announcement.


Ladder-1It is unfortunate that some members of the Albany Fire Department couldn’t find a way to be civil in the discussion about how to solve our city’s horrendous budget crisis. Yes, we’re keeping Ladder 1. But really, some members of the AFD need to grow up. Acting like playground bullies is not endearing and does not help their cause. I do support unions. I don’t support bad behavior. For those of us in the South End, let’s not delude ourselves into thinking this fight was for us. It was not. It was about paychecks, and overtime, and other goodies. We can rest assured that Ladder 1 is staying. And that’s a good thing. But don’t let those who scream the loudest fool you. It’s all about them.

When are we going to take up discussion of a city ordinance requiring that employees, including police and fire, reside in the city?